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Chosen at Birth

I had always wanted to be free of this body, free of my family, and free of this journey.

Looking at caged birds as a child and wanting to release them, letting the fishes in the tank free, and letting the animals loose to do as they choose.

Realizing at a much older age, that I was chosen to lead a path of liberation to the soul, and through this liberation of healing my self which started in shamanic training in 2014, I saw that their were many old energies that needed to be released from my body and mind, and spirit. I wanted that same freedom in my being.

I spent most of my life trying to escape this world. Whether it be in suicide, (my 1st attempt at age 5), running away, drugs, being in the in between worlds, or just by shutting myself down and out from the world. Forced to take medication from the age of 14 by parents who thought something was seriously wrong with me, not understanding why I would spend so much time alone.

I had an a fasination to bugs, and lizards, especially spiders. I loved being in the trees, the water and anything that was outdoors for extended periods of time.

Most of my life I walked alone in odd places, singing to myself, talking to angels, and my guides and escaping the troubled energy at home.

Since an early age I knew life was not the way it was meant to be, I could see things very clearly, would have vivid dreams of a future that did not exist yet, but also many nitemares.

No one around me was spiritual or religious. I had no idea what was going on, and everyone around me just saw me as so different and that they needed to mold me into a version they thought best for me to fit into society.

I was never fit in, always standing out, bullied, and being hurt due to being so light and bright. No one really ever knowing that I cried myself to sleep with lonliness and confusion.

My first child out of 3 was born when I was 22. I listened to my parents argue about abortion and adoption and I cried for 3 days not knowing what to do. I felt GOD had delivered me an angel. It was this moment I began to change my life around. I had a purpose.

Two more children came after being a single mom since I was 2 months pregnant. A marriage that was fell apart every other week. I kept fighting as I now felt I had a reason to live. 3 beautiful angels had been sent to me from heaven.

Since my first year in Shamanism in 2014, I left my marriage, with no job and 3 children, my youngest being 2 at the time. By the following year I had started a business and was running as an apprentice to my shamanic teacher by the 3rd year. That year things took a major shift in my life. My ex and I had major issues that were not worked out emotionally. I was not feeling supported in the ways I needed by my tribe, and felt so alone to raise these kids.

I ended up leaving San Diego and raising my children for 8 years on my own, struggling, fighting, no child support, custody hearings and an alcholic ex. who had a gambling problem for part of the relationship. We moved from place to place trying to find our way.

I walked away from my spiritual path not knowing at time I was actually going deeper down it.

I started following signs from GOD the year my step dad passed in 2016. I was seeing major events, and syncronicities that GOD existed and he was playing a role in my life now, guiding my way. My step dad had come to me in a church gathering for angels to tell me how wrong he was and sorry he was for all the abuse he had done to me. I had stopped believing in GOD at the age of 9 when I felt so lost in life that I felt that he could not exist, if this was the life he had given me, and this was the world he created.

I stepped back into healing in 2021, and not long after a curse had been removed from me by an ex-partner, two more curses came off that year. By early 2022, the final curse had been removed when I was in the womb of my mother and my father cheated on her. He had an exrememly jealous girlfriend. I had cleared so much energy in 2021 that my frequency was vibrating at an accelerated rate and my intuition was sky rocketing.

This journey has caused a lot of heartache for me and my kids, not knowing why I could not heal these deeper energies being on the path for already 7 years before all this was revealed.

During this revoltionary process we moved to five states in 3 years. GOD was guiding me every step of the way to unravel all these energies, that had been entangled in my family line since even before I was born.

I am honored to be guiding others now, honored to be chosen, to be alive and to have a new life for my children moving forward. Their is still much to heal, but many blessings to appreicate as so much has happened in this journey to be thankful for.

My journey's are so strong for others now because I kept asking how to end the suffering for them so it does not take them this long to unwind. I have created a way to really work deeply with individuals to wear they can completely change their lives around for the better.

We all want peace, and to be happy and that is what I have been guided here to serve.

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