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My whole life I have searched for answers. I had no faith, I had no dreams, I had no desires. I was lost in the vastness of the world. With all its torments, all its demons and all its chaos. From an early age I knew things, things that would come to pass, for me and my children and for society as a whole. I surely did not want to see them. I did see visions of my future but it didn't make sense. None of it made sense. Even feeling hidden energies did not make sense neither did the underlying words, the messages in between.

To unsee what I am seeing is not possible. To not know what I know is also impossible.

I cannot drag myself around pretending I do not know what I know. The energies of everything-these energies dragged me down my whole life. At the age 10-15 I was already worried about what I was eating, what air I was breathing, and what was around me. I was getting messages from bugs about what I would put into the air, and what harm it was causing.

The pettiness, the wanting to be there, but not there, lies in between the sheets.

What is happening is we live in a society full of cover ups. And me among many others have been gifted with visions of the future.

We waste time getting involved with situations, people and events because it's a distraction from where the real pain lies.

We are so full of hurt and suffering that we cannot see straight, feel straight and open to the truth.

When we decide to let go of the true suffering, it is when we are able to open our hearts and our lives up. When we decide that we have heaven on earth and those who are uplifting humanity are being treated poorly and unfairly we begin to lose hope.


What are we without it?

What is there to have hope and faith for if we have lost our way?

GOD is guiding us every single moment of the day.

He is opening the truth up to our eyes.

He has given us faith.

He asks us to have faith in him.

Where do we start GOD?

Leave all your worldly possessions behind as they will not serve in the gates of heaven.

Choose to walk to walk out of the devil’s den, as in each moment we do have a choice. WE have to choose salvation over suffering. There are always angels that will come to your aid, when you need them the most.

I am one of those angels. Long ago I lost hope, I lost my boundaries, my voice was lost, my heart had been broken, my self was not whole. And so when I opened my doors to those in need I was hurt, I was crushed, I was abused. I was neglected. So in that choice I had to walk a new path. I had to see GOD for myself.

I had to learn by faith what it was to be a shaman. What it was to be a healer, what is to be psychic, what it was to be a medium, what it was to emanate love. LOVE


Love is the space in between where there is no pain, no lies, no room for games, no trust issues, no false paradigm, no empty.

LOVE is whole and complete.

LOVE IS everywhere you look.