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My healing session with Jenefer was very exciting and it helped me release a lot of my past burdens and negative energy I was dealing with. Jenefer is very patient and is a very professional lady.
Everything Resonated with me soo much and was spot on each and every word she said about my Ancestors and my loved ones. 
I felt very calm and relaxed after the session. It was a very pleasant experience.
Loved the session. 
Would definitely come back in future. 
Highly recommended!!! 
Thanks Jenefer for your energy and time ,appreciate it very much 🧡🦋

Anamika Wadhwani, India 2/2/2021

This was my first ever Shamanic session. I am still completely blown away by how beautiful the experience was, and a bit shocked I received so much from it being a distant/over the phone session. I could immediately feel her energy and my meditative state was incredibly deep. At the end of the session Jen informed me of her experience and the information she picked up on. Everything resonated beautifully with me, and I was stunned she had such a spiritual connection especially since I have never met nor spoken to her prior. I am still in awe with the session and feel like an entirely different human. I am so grateful for this experience and the healing Jen provided me. Thank so much Jen for sharing your beautiful gift with me! ❣️

Samantha W./Pennsylvania 2/4/21

Jen Heartfire is genuine.
She is sincere in her caring and her open heart. She’s multi-talented and a devoted mother who can do absolutely anything she puts her mind to. She can adapt quickly to whatever shows up. She’s a wonderful writer and can be easily prolific if she focuses on writing regularly. When it comes to connecting intuitively, she knows what people need even before they tell her. She has a lot of compassion born out of her own life challenges. She keeps an open mind and is loyal to her friends. She’s also very practiced in forgiveness and walks her path without judgement of others, with a willingness to walk alone if she has to. When Jen tunes into the universe and her guides, she is in perfect resonance with her direction in life. She has a gentle, caring spiritual presence and is so resilient and strong that she even surprises herself. When I first was getting close to Jen as a friend, I was on a meditation retreat, and I sensed that Jen is a contemplative, and she may spent time in her future getting closer and closer in touch with mysticism through a group. I’m not sure why that came up right now, but I think she has a strong spirit for exploration and is willing to divine deep in the presence of others. 

K. H. San Diego, CA 2016

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