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Are you ready to look at the reflections
in your life
as you develop your gifts?

Shamanic Journeying

This is your story and this journey will allow your to come into your true self. 


These classes will teach you shamanic journey techniques to allow you to safely travel into the astral realm.  You will learn to speak to animal guides, spiritual guides, ancestors, angelic beings and much more.  You will learn to tune into the gifts that are waiting for you as you develop a practice of increasing your intuition and releasing the past that is no longer serving you. 


Your dedication to your spiritual quest will determine how far within your soul your willing to go, and discover exactly who you were always meant to be. 

Allow your gifts to blossom and be willing to receive.  

What to expect?   

Heightened awareness, increased senses, emotions coming to the surface that have been locked away, memories coming back, sensitivity, learning to tune deeply into your guides, hearing the call of your ancestors, and gathering strength from your spiritual allies that are always willing and accessible to us when we know how to connect to them.

Reach out to schedule classes with me.  This is 8 week container to learn to listen to yourself, your guides, ancestors, angels and to connect deeply to GOD.  

                      $600.                         4 (2hour) classes every other week over 2 months.  


Call, text, or email to schedule your classes with me in person or distantly. 

Prerequisite- A shamanic healing by me before you begin classes.  90 minute or 2 hour. 

Once these class dates are booked they are set-a recording will be sent to you if you miss a class.  If an emergency happens exceptions can be made.   

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