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Healings & Guidance

  • All services available distantly, Zoom, phone, messenger, whatsapp

  • Ask to see me in person for locals in Las Vegas 

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is finding lost parts of your soul and bringing them home to you. When we undergo trauma of any kind from the womb until now that are too intense for our emotional body to handle we can lose parts and parts of us being fragmented. These parts may have been lost due to sexual trauma, physical, an emotional detached parent, a divorce, caring for someone with a long time illness, homelessness, even jobs and relationships where we lost self worth and self love and so much more. 

Shamanic Healing

Working on a specific issues that has come up over and over again in your life such as anxiety, hopelessness, fear, shaming self, judgements, obsessiveness, addiction, abandonment, self sacrifice, relationship issues, ect that keep repeating similar patterns in your life. These sessions are geared towards healing the root cause of those whether in this lifetime, another lifetime, ancestral line, or possibly another dimension.

Soul Coaching

A life coaching session where we I tune into your soul's energy, chakras, healed areas and unhealed wounds, to discover where we need to work and connect energetically. We then talk opening while I hold space for you to share about what is going on in your life and where I can assist you in changing direction that will serve your highest and best good.

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