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A tidbit of my own personal experience, and journey as a shamanic practitioner. My quest to free myself from ancestral energies that kept me locked in the past.  Through this last almost 9 years of shamanic work I have gone to the depths of my teachings with others and was taught by my guides the last 3 years on how to fully connect to my divine self and be able to heal a family line for my children to be free to choose their own paths. 


The deeper I went, the deeper my abilities became and the closer I came to GOD.


I am guided every step of the way to heal and assist others along their journey to learn to connect to that divine self within. 

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Las Vegas
Review Journal
        By John Katsilometes November 5, 2022

Las Vegas Paris Theatre Shamanic Clearing
feet in the water

Troubled Paris Theater turns to Shaman

We’ve been saying for years Paris Theater is “cursed.” The theater’s unproven, yet seemingly inescapable, bad energy seems to have kneecapped several shows since opening in 1999.

This is where “Hunchback of Notre Dame” the theater’s original production, had its bell rung after seven months, “Inferno” flamed out in six months and “Marilyn” was toe-tagged after five weeks.

The cast of “Bat Out Of Hell — The Musical” are weary of hearing about the theater’s dark forces. Co-producer Michael Cohl has been muttering for months about the theater’s losing streak. He suggested inviting a shaman into Paris Theater to chase away the evil spirits.

She and several members of the “Bat” cast and crew participated in a healing ceremony, at the spot where Travis Cloer (as Falco), and Anne Martinez (as his wife, Sloane) perform “Paradise By the Dashboard Light.”

“They called me in to do the blessing and clearing of the energy, because they had not had a good show there in a while,” Heartfire, who has been a professional healer since 2016, said days after the event. “The energy of the place what that sometimes people would have anxiety, get into arguments, or a lot of people were venting.”

This has been the case with every show at Paris, and, probably, every show ever in Vegas.

Heartfire talked to several members of the cast and crew to “just gauge what was going on energetically within each person.”

“This was the first time I’ve been called into something this, and it was interesting,” Heartfire said. “I have worked with couples before. I’ve worked with some of their mothers and fathers, extended family members. It’s similar in that all the energies are adjoining.”

As she arrived, Heartfire surveyed the theater, taking to the stage and spreading several items across a ceremonial rug. The pieces were selected for their “joyful” energy.

Among the items picked were sunflowers and roses for sunshine and love; three candles, with a candle of Jesus in the middle; pine cones to symbolize the Earth; a turkey feather to represent healing medicine; holy water from a Catholic church; honey for sweetness; fruits as as an offering of gratitude to the spirits for welcoming the visitors; and pyrite, “To bring in abundance of money, because they want to bring in more people to see the show.”

Pyrite is crucial in this instance.

Despite some wicked-great performances, inventive staging and a crack live band, “BOOH” is still attempting to generate heat at the box office.

Cloer was of particular shamanic interest, having performed in “Jersey Boys,” which closed its Las Vegas run September 2016, and also “Marilyn The New Musical,” which shut down after 23 performances in 2018. He and Heartfire conferred one-on-one, at length, during her visit.

“I’ve never been a part of anything like this,” Cloer said just after the ceremony. “It was a great feeling to experience the shifting energies. It was wonderful, freeing, liberating feeling floating around right now.”

Heartfire had told the group, “Energy is everything.” And after, Cloer, Martinez and cast member Laura Wright, all Las Vegans, gathered in a group hug. There was energy in that moment. Now it needs to waft from that theater to prospective ticket-buyers. That’s the real energy “Bat Out of Hell” is trying to find.

Mystic Magazine Interview

Deep Shadow Work with Jen Heartfire

Jen Heartfire is a shaman and deep shadow worker. She chats to MysticMag about her own shamanic journey and the incredible work she performs.

What would you describe a shaman’s true purpose to be?

For me personally, it was freeing myself from the ancestral energies of my family so that my children did not have to suffer my same fate. I could see I was repeating my same patterns with my children as my mother had done unto me.
At 15 I had already chosen to not have children or get married due to not wanting to end up like my parents. At 22 God had different plans for me. Now, 3 children later I am a blessed mother of beautiful souls that chose me to be their mother.


A shaman’s true purpose is to heal their internal self so that they can free themselves and their family from lifetimes of suffering. This process then allows a shaman to see deeply into others and heal them. It’s about seeing all parts of ourselves clearly and mending the shattered pieces. This path chooses you – and there is some hidden gift in each of us that is just waiting to come out.


We are the seers that can move in between the hidden worlds to give guidance and healing to others as we are able to connect clearly to all the energies that lie in the in between (guides, ancestors, angels, animal totems, entities and demons).


Being able to read the energy through words, energy, connection to the person and guides, shamans are able to see the root cause of someone’s disease or energetic misalignment bringing balance and wholeness to their whole being. I believe each shaman has their own specialty in certain areas of expertise.

What can you tell us about your shamanic journey?

My journey has been intense. I started back in early 2014 when my 3rd child was 1 years old and my oldest was 11. I was suffering with a major bout of depression (yet again after the birth of a child) blaming it on postpartum and taking medication for relief as this was a habit from childhood brought on by my mother to ease the pain. I was binge watching T.V., was not connected to my husband at the time and was crying myself to sleep. I was debating running away to live in our van, or check myself into a mental ward. Suddenly one night I thought to myself; “what am I doing?”


I had been in holistic health since 2004 and started as massage therapist, but had always had a connection to the metaphysical and mystical realms.

I started researching online and found information about soul retrieval. I booked an appointment even though I had no idea what that was. It was my birthday gift to myself at the age of 34 that year. I did no research on it, I just had a feeling it is what I needed. After my session I was convinced this lady knew what she was talking about and began training with her a week later after begging my husband to use our taxes for the first class.

When classes continued I asked to work with her but could not afford her rates, so we worked on a trade. I began cleaning her house weekly as trade for her services.

I learned a lot with her the first 3 yrs. I apprenticed with her for a year and co-taught classes. I had a lot of fun and was able to heal my original family energies, but was still torn up inside somehow. I left San Diego in 2017 and began my own inner journey. I had no idea at the time that this is what I was doing. During this process I felt as if I was going backwards, but in reality I was unlearning everything at the same time as learning everything. I had to heal my own family after a divorce in 2016 and my three kids who were distraught. I worked with my first teacher for 6 months. The following year I worked with another woman shamanic teacher in Las Vegas who also taught mediumship – this opened a new door for me.


In late 2018 I had taken ayahuasca with a woman shaman on a one to one. This opened me to walk with the holy spirit although I had not known at the time why I was being led the way I was. I packed up my kids that year and moved to Hawaii. I also found out later that a man I had been seeing many years before, and prior to my husband, had cursed me for about 10-15 yrs because I had cheated on him.
That ayahuasca journey did not reveal itself completely for almost four years, I had only seen parts of the story I needed to. We moved multiple times in Hawaii and stayed on 3 islands in 1.5 years. What a beautiful, but incredibly hard experience as a single mother with 3 kids, and a dog and little to no income. I was finally free of my family and my ex’s energy.


I left Maui in mid 2020 heading back to the mainland and have moved 3 times since then. Each time letting spirit guide me. Each part of the process revealed many hidden energies for each part of me that needed to heal. We have lived in WA, FL, and now Las Vegas since March of 2022.

The last two years of my shadow work have taught me about a lot of deeper energies, multiple curses that were put on me since being in the womb – from a father’s cheating girlfriend doing black magic on my mother, and summoning a demon. Everything began to make sense and I started to understand why I was trapped in this weird cycle of energy that could not be released. I was able to meditate back to memories of my past not knowing most of what had happened to me before the age of 10, already seeing how entities and demons are passed from one person to another and why I had such deep emotional issues. This process opened up many doorways for me to see deeper into my clients. I finally was able to trace it back to four generations on my mothers side where the mother had given up her daughter to save her life, but the woman ended up being a witch/healer and killed her husband for cheating thus cursing our entire family line.


To sum it up, this journey saved my life. I am grateful for all the work I have done to heal my family line. With each part of my own healing journey I am able to now heal my clients from the same energies. My guides have been teaching me since 2017 and I have been listening intently to them on what to do and who to connect with and when. Without my powerful team of helpers along this journey I do not know where I would be. I am forever grateful for my guides, angels, and ancestors.


My gift to others is to help them make that same connection to their guides, angels and ancestors so they can live the life they were always meant to and to know that they are never alone.

Can you describe the deep shadow work that you perform?

Shadow work is a layered process. We tend to overlay many things to cover up the truth as it has created fear in our subconscious mind. When we are ready to step towards that fear and reveal the hidden energies we are able to truly walk into the shadow and heal it, and love that part of ourselves. Sometimes we forget about these traumas as they have frightened us so deeply.


My shadow work with others consists of revealing the truth of underlying energies, bringing awareness to my clients through conversation and going into the astral realms and explaining what I have seen and what it means. I go into people’s subconscious where their memories lie to see the truth. With the guidance and assistance of my guides we move energy so that this underlying pattern of energy is released and then we bring healing light to create a new pattern of energy so as to no longer attract old frequency patterns that no longer serve us.


For example, we see that we repeat events in our life, such as dating the same type of guy or having the same type of work situation over and over again. There is an energy that is trapped within our bodies and mind, that keeps attracting this pattern so that we can heal it.


When my client is receiving a session they often come back and share with me what they saw: beautiful lights, connected with angels, spoke to passed loved ones and more. Most often we do not see the same experience unless the client is also a practitioner themselves then it is possible.


What are your views on ayahuasca and other plant medicines?

I believe there’s a time and a place for them, it is sacred and should be treated as so, in all ways. Healer, container, and one being healed.


Nowadays I believe it to be overused as a cure for all and they are missing a couple important crucial steps. One is the integration process after a ceremony, many are not understanding their messages and therefore are still walking around lost after many years. A second big piece is not having a proper container and shamanic healers or helpers to aid in the release work, (demons and entities end up flying everywhere, portals are opened and things come into the room, and people are getting attachments from others by not being in a safe container, or they are feeling they are talking to GOD or Source and they are actually being tricked (as in the astral realm shape shifting does happen).


How do you work with your clients, and for how long generally speaking?

I often see a client for the first time for a two hour session. I always recommend to my clients that they see me for 2-4 sessions based on our intake call. It is a process of peeling away layers of energy so one session will move a lot, but the deeper you want to move and faster, the more sessions someone will book.

Often my clients book a series of sessions (3 or more up to a 60 day package) with me, meeting once a week for 2 hours for guidance, healing and teachings.


When I work with a client, a typical session starts with an opening of the directions and calling in God, our guides, smudging and grounding. Essential oils may be used as well as flower essence if the session calls for it. We speak for about 15-30 minutes. This is where I am energetically connecting and dialing in and being channeled the messages. When I see all the roots and underlying issues I explain to my client what I have observed and we discuss which we will work on for that particular session.

I then guide them into a mediation session and they have their own experience while I (my guides) work on them in the astral plane. There is drumming or music playing in the background and this varies depending on what we are working on.
I guide them back when we are finished.

Almost all of my sessions now include a soul retrieval or two. If so, I explain how it was lost, where it was, how to integrate this soul part and what to do moving forward with it.


After we come back from the healing I spend about 15-30 minutes listening to their experience and sharing the wisdom with it, then I explain what I saw and what it meant.

Each session comes with homework. I then open the door for a week of being able to call or text me so that we can move through anything that is coming up easily. A lot of movement will happen within the first 2 weeks. Many emotions come up, this allows my client space to feel safe about the process, and puts my mind at ease knowing that they are able to integrate what has happened easily.


Do you believe you can cure and/or prevent illness and dis-ease?

No. My purpose for my clients is to awaken them so they may see how to heal and cure themselves. I can move energy along to assist in this process. The energy work that I do is deep and brings a lot of awareness quickly. I can do psychic surgery, awaken the chakras, and heal them. I can retrieve soul parts and bring them into the body and teach someone how to integrate them.


It is up to each individual whether they will be open to hearing the information and moving forward with their lives or if they want to disregard what they have heard and choose to stay stuck or retreat backwards out of fear of the unknown.


What I mean is if someone is not ready to wake up to how they are suffering, there is nothing that anyone can do, until they have suffered enough. They have to choose to make different choices or they will go back to making themselves sick and full of disease once more.


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