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A Spiritual Transformation with Jen Heartfire

It is our divine birthright to live as sovereign beings.

God is always working deeply in our lives. 

We are not our stories or experiences. We are what we choose to be moving forward when we hear the truth. Sometimes seeing the inner parts of ourselves can be intimidating and jolting. Often times we run backwards in fear or don't want to acknowledge them due to our own ego or pain that keeps getting reactivated. When we step out of the need to feel safe at all costs is when we can truly own that this is all for our highest good so that we can walk the path of light back and integrate all our shadows. Allowing ourselves to live completely from the heart space. From there we are able to light up others in our lives by walking in unconditional love that honors all parts of our lives that came here to teach us how to guide ourselves along our journey.









I have walked a path of alternative healing since 2004.  I have been trained in massage, reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy,  Peruvian and Siberian Shamanism. I hold a BA in Complementary/Alternative Health & MA in Education. Through all my studies and life circumstances since childhood I learned how energetically sensitive and in tune I am with the human aura and causal bodies. 

I was born a natural psyhic, medium and energy practitioner. As I dived into learning about healing I went deeper into my own life, family line, and past lives with deep shamanic work. As a mother of 3, with 2 still living at home in Las Vegas, Nevada, it was of utter importance to get to the core of all wounds and repeating life cycles.  I grew up in a trauma infused home with control, mental entanglements, shame, anger, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and did not want these patters to repeat in my life or the lives of my children. I could not understand myself, my gifts, and my life and was teased, tormented by others, and ridiculed most of my life as well as being cursed mulitple times, and attacked for living in the light.

During my walk about the last 5 years I have come back to myself, having a deeper love for others and now connect to my clients with deep unconditional love. By finding that love deep within and healing wounds I was able to transmute my energy and heal others at a much deeper level than ever before.  By knowing our stories, our shadows, we can heal them, by speaking our truth we can move forward and forge our new path.  

Let's connect, heal, and bring a new story forward

in the way your heart and soul is calling in for you. 

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"Your soul is asking you to heal deeper, to move beyond the past, to rise above the pain,

and to let go of what no longer serves.

So that once again you can live in peace and serenity with who you are.

Are you ready to fly once more and

live from your heart?"

Jen Heartfire

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