"Your Soul is ready to

receive love and to be set free,

let me guide the way back to

your own intuition and heart!"

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Free 30 minute consultation

 Healing, guidance, readings

All sessions offered distantly 
or in person in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Reiki Energy Healing

Using universal life force energy from God and mother earth along with assistance from my guides to heal the energy body, align the chakras and send love back into the body for restoration.  Available in person or distantly.

$150 an hour

$100 children 45 minutes 

Shamanic House Clearing

In depth look at the energies that are stored in the house from previous of current residents. Resetting the house energy to the current resident's desire for energy flow.  Power animal set for protection. 


$250 90 minutes

offered distantly
$50 travel fee

Deep Dive

A way to go deeper into your spiritual journey process to really heal the wounds of the past and navigate through your spiritual transformation. 

2 shamanic healings

1 shamanic shift


saving $50 savings


Deeper Dive

Awaken & come alive 
We work on two core areas and remove layers of your energy field, then dive deeper on the third session really lighting you up for your path. Spiritual coaching aids in the transformation of information given and heightened gifts obtained through the healing. 


3 shamanic healings

2 shamanic shifts 


saving $100

Shamanic Shifts

As we connect on a deep energetic level. We will communicate with your guides as well as mine and talk through what path and direction is for your highest good at this moment in your journey.
Cards, energy work, channeled messages vary upon each session and each person. We work with what is coming up for you currently.


$150 an hour

$225 for 90 minutes

$300 for couples per hour 

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Shamanic Healing

A deeper healing experience going in for 2 hours. With more time I can go deeper into the healing journey for you. Let's really dig into your spiritual journey and heal those core frequencies attached to old energies, traumas, wounds, shock, accidents, or any type of turbulence that you have in this lifetime or ancestral lines.

Almost every session includes a soul retrieval. These are fragments parts of our soul that jump out of the body when under stress.

I do not recommend that anyone get just one session.  I highly suggest 2 or more. 


$275 for 90 minutes

$350 for 2 hours

$125 an hour for children

Twin flame/Karmic healing


$275 for 90 min.

All sessions are offered in person in Las Vegas-89145, through zoom, messenger, or WhatsApp.