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"Your Soul is ready to

receive love and to be set free,

let me guide the way back to

your own intuition and heart!"

Spiritual transformation to connect to Christ 

All sessions offered distantly 
from Las Vegas, Nevada

As a single parent most of my parenting years
I am offering single parents with children under 16

10% off healings, or coaching sessions and packages. 

Free 30 minute consultation

 Healing, guidance and packages


Psychic, Channeled, Tarot 

Readings are deep channelings either connecting to our guides, your ancestors, past loved ones(mediumship), angels or who ever comes in for that day. 

We can choose to use cards to enhance the message if you would like to give you an all around idea of the energy coming forward for you. 

30 minutes   $75

1 hour            $144

sage. crystals, and feather for house clearings

Shamanic House/Space 


Deeper energetic work to cleanse and clear old stagnant energy from your home, angelic lifting of the energies, and a power animal for protection. 

Blessing of new space intention is set upon request.



This can be done distantly

$50 travel fee 

Deep Dive

A way to go deeper into your spiritual journey process to really heal the wounds of the past and navigate through your spiritual transformation. 

2 shamanic healings

1 shamanic shift

Each two hours


saving $221

Shamanic Healing connecting to the third eye, womb and heart space to uplevel your healing connection to yourself by clearing ancestral energies

Deeper Dive

Awaken & come alive 
We work on two core areas and remove layers of your energy field, then dive deeper on the third session really lighting you up for your path. Spiritual coaching aids in the transformation of information given and heightened gifts obtained through the healing. 


3 shamanic healings

2 shamanic shifts 

Each two hours


saving $331

Shamanic Shifts

As we connect on a deep energetic level. We will communicate with your guides as well as mine and talk through what path and direction is for your highest good at this moment in your journey.
Cards, energy work, channeled messages vary upon each session and each person. We work with what is coming up for you currently.


$222 an hour

$444 for 2 hours

$555 for couples 2 hour 

Open your consciousness through shamanic shifts to see beyond what you normally experience

Shamanic Healing

A deeper healing experience into the astral realm, moving deep rooted energies. Let's really dig into your spiritual journey and heal those core frequencies attached to old energies, traumas, wounds, shock, accidents, or any type of turbulence that you have in this lifetime or ancestral lines.

Almost every session includes a soul retrieval. These are fragments parts of our soul that jump out of the body when under stress.

I highly suggest 2 or more. 

$415 for 90 minutes

$555 for 2 hours

Children 1 hour $222

Enjoying a beach in Maui sitting in the tree and enjoying nature

All sessions are offered distantly from a call

Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Video-messenger, or WhatsApp.

All services are non-refundable.
Prepaid sessions are non-refundable. You may re-b
at a later time if you have paid in advance.

This work is deep and my life's treasure.

I am serving your highest good, you must be fully committed to wanting change and seeing the truth. 

my two younger children in a tree at the beach in Maui and my pup Luna
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