"Your Soul is ready to

receive love and to be set free,

let me guide the way back to

your own intuition and heart!"

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Free 30 minute consultation

 Healing, guidance, readings

All sessions offered distantly 

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Deep Dive

A way to go deeper into your spiritual journey process to really heal the wounds of the past and navigate through your spiritual transformation. 

2 shamanic healings (2hour)

1 coaching


saving $100

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Deeper Dive

Awaken & come alive 
We work on two core areas and remove layers of your energy field, then dive deeper on the third session really lighting you up for your path. Spiritual coaching aids in the transformation of information given and heightened gifts obtained through the healing. 


3 shamanic healings (2 hour)

2 coaching sessions


$1500 paid in full

saving $150


All sessions are offered through zoom, messenger, or whatsapp