60-day packages for
              Singles & Couples & Families

Holding a sacred space for you to open your heart, let go of the old pain, and discovering the core roots to current life circumstances. Through this process with me we discover your  radiance to live a life of true freedom and joy.

What's Included:

✔️ 8 Personal 1:1 Shamanic Shifts Sessions/Gain Clarity and Vision

       Zoom or in Person meetings to check into your heart space & ask questions

✔️Activities Catered to your Healing Journey

✔️ All Access Pass to my private YouTube (8-weeks of content)

✔️Weekly Worksheets via google drive 

✔️Option to Enroll in the 3-month shamanic training workshop for beginners Class 

bi-weekly 2 hour zoom training to dive into your gifts, intuition and develop your gifts.


60-day intensives:

You are deeply connected and yet not quite living the life of your dreams due to the hardships faced throughout your life or in your current life circumstances.


For those who are ready to walk in their true selves to shine their individuality and share that spirit with the world that is ready to see their light.


Once you combine this new spiritual lifestyle practice it will shift your energy, perspective and purpose in this world we live in, so you can shine your beautiful self out in the world.


Why Me?

I serve those who have buried their pain deeply in their ❤️ to where they can’t hear their own intuition, feel their true emotions, or just need to clear out that old energy and change their lives now.


This process of self-awareness will allow you to choose a path for your highest good while expressing your beautiful soul freely in joy thus allowing your light to come alive for the world to see and experience!


“Shine your radiance from within through Shamanic Insight, awakening your consciousness.”

What I Believe. ❤️

  1. I believe in you!! 🙏

  2. I believe you hold the light 🕯️

  3. I believe in energetic alignment 🙏

  4. I believe we are all one, therefore I hold the most sacred, compassionate space for you to feel safe to open, release, adjust, and live the life you have always wanted to live. 💕


My Process:

To get you back to Frolicking Frequencies


60 days 
Includes: (catered to each person)

Looking deeply at personal habits
Shamanic Connection & Wisdom
Creating new energy-learning about the importance of personal energy
Energetic Boundaries-why they are important?

Family, friendship patterns
Learning Healthy Release 
Chakras and Clearing 

Sacred space

Prayer work

Love ourselves up in our daily lives

Intimacy with self/others

Fun activities

Role Play

Your desired future

All require dedication and homework-YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Your Time Commitment: 60 days (around your schedule)



Individual: $3,000 or two payments of $1,500

Couples: $4,000 or two payments of $2,000

Family: $7,000 or two payments of $3,500

Price for a family of 4

May vary

Ready to Get Started?

STEP 1: Book a free (30 minute) energy assessment call with me to get started.

STEP 2: Once signed up, Check Your Email for an intake form in 24 hours. 

Step 3: Sign & Submit the Personal Commitment to Growth Document via Google



Terms & Conditions

Setting the right expectations from the beginning:

  1. You are committed to your personal spiritual growth.

  2. All financial information is confidential for all parties and in no way will be shared.

  3. The pricing and packaging of this course can be adjusted by Jen Heartfire at any time.

  4. All sales are final. 

Financial Hardships call to speak with me.