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Jen Heartfire in a beautiful dress with her shamanic drum

Jen Heartfire

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that does not connect to any formal religion. The healings have dated back to Aborginal and Siberian tribes thousands of years ago.


Shamans were chosen by undergoing major illnesses in those times. When they stepped into their calling to be the healer,  they began to also move energy for themselves. Their community then chose them to move into their position as the medicine man/woman who became the seer, healer, and guide between their world and the hidden worlds to heal their wounds that the nakes eye could not see. 


Shamans alter their subconscious to step into the hidden (invisible) realm, where most people hide their illness caused by loss of knowledge to the connections of all the energies. They see the underlying energies in what is causing sickness in someone's body, mind &/or spirit.  Then healing a person through use of their own abilities to move through the subconscious hidden layers, the three worlds, sound, movement, or plant medicine. 



        Are you Ready to Blossom Today?

I am a deep shadow worker.  Shadow work is seeing the hidden fears, and blocks that we cannot see ourselves. If fear or uncertainty come up when you connect to me or anything I post, you are being triggered by an old stuck pattern of energy.  In shamanism we are taught to run towards the fear until we heal it.

I am able to reveal layers of energy that are not serving you any longer.  I assist you in shifting energy so fast through my psychic insight, mediumship abilities and shamanic gifts. 

As we journey together, you will be feeling the energy shifts through your body, and having visions, getting messages or connecting with ancestors that have passed on your own, if there is a lot of fear the guides will put you to sleep so you can rest during the process.  


Shamanic coaching is where I am sitting with you, connecting to you on a psychic, mediumship, and shamanic energy level deep within your heart. We are powerfully moving energy through your body as you assist me.

As we are in a container together, I am tapping in and channeling what is on the surface that needs releasing.  We walk through this process with breathwork, chakra clearing, subconscious mind clearing, and may even connect you to your guides. This process moves a lot of energy as well.  If I see energy that needs shifting such as an entity or soul part I will move it along as we go into our session. It is all about what is revealed in the hour time we have together. 


Each session is based in love vibration, where I hold a sacred container for you with GOD and the use of our guides/ancestors.  You will be given specific homework to move forward that will enhance the experience and help you settle back into your new body. 


The week of the session you will notice a significant difference in your life, energy, and awareness.  You may experience waves of emotions as the energy is moving out of your body and mind. I guide you in how to handle these emotions and the best way to release them.  I allow the container to be open for that week if you have any questions.

My connection with you is based purely on compassion and loving energy. If you are interested in meeting with me beforehand zoom, phone call, or in person (locals) that can be arranged. My mission is for you to feel safe so that you can come into your soul and your true power while you heal on your journey back to your true essence of self.  Let's walk that transformational path together. 

Everyone I work with has the ability to enhance their gifts with the work I do or come into them for the first time even if you have never done spiritual work in the past. 

Healing is a process, and it has many layers, depending on how deep your past layers of pain have been there and where you are.

This is the lightning path to healing.

The use of plant medicine is not needed in my practice and the journey will go as deep as ayawashca or other plant medicines. 

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