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What this journey opened up for me

This journey opened up all the roots, and causes to all the pain, releasing the past, discovering the ancestral ties and roots, it allowed the true self to shine through and have a story to tell.

Shamanism opened up all the doors to move forward in true freedom.

The development of my soul and how I connected with GOD and what he has done for me in my life has shown up in my life as ultimate blessings. Shamanism helped to release the patterns and see clearly who and what and where life was going to go for me moving into the future.

I was able to let go of so much of the past, even the past me, the one who held on so tightly to who I thought I was meant to be for others.

In this discovery I was able to see the value of me choosing to write and teach what I know to share with more people down the road so that they can see their true self and seek what their heart is calling in for them.

We all want peace, and we are all seeking freedom. What is the destiny that you are seeking? What is your higher calling?

Abundance is just around the corner and all we have to do is release the old holds that have held us back.

When we truly love ourselves, we will stop fighting our inner self creating and manifesting turmoil. WE choose to walk forward in a higher light-our path of liberation.

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